Zoe Caldwell (1933-2020) Grand Councilwoman. 3. 7. Lilo & Stitch: Nani Pelekai (voice role) 2002 Meet Prince Charming: Samantha Feld 2003 Stitch! She is the breadwinner of her family and loves Lilo more than anything, but at times is ashamed she didn't make more of her life. Angel in Lilo & Stitch: The Series. She is said to be 19 years old in the first film. Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition: R2-D2 • C-3PO • Jabba the Hutt • Jar Jar Binks • Mace Windu • Padmé Amidala • King Candy • Marshmallow • Yokai • Battle Droids • Marlin • Bruce • Anglerfish • Seagulls • Hank • Destiny • Bailey • Jellyfish, Feisty, brave, devoted, caring, loving, crafty, hard-working, sarcastic, stressed at times, short-tempered, a bit irritable, motherly, kind, mature, sensitive, clever, smart, stern, protective, friendly, Slender, slightly muscular, olive skin, medium-length wavy black hair, brown eyes, pudgy lips, blue t-shirt, jean shorts, socks, shoes, To successfully raise and provide for Lilo on her own, Surfing, Lilo, pizza, hula, chocolate, David, Stitch, Bad luck, Lilo's disobedience, the idea of losing Lilo, losing jobs, Cobra's brooding aura, arguing with Lilo, Jumba's inventions, Lilo and Stitch's shenanigans, loneliness, yelling at Lilo, Lilo upset, being an orphan. Dans Dessins animés vous trouverez des pages à colorier de Lilo et Stitch, ainsi que d'autres pages. Daveigh Chase, 30 Lilo. Although she has become even more eccentric due to the death of her parents. Jason Scott Lee, 54 David Kawena. Good Lilo and her older sister Nani (Tia Carrere) have been struggling to stay together since their parents died. Later, Nani is forced to take Lilo and Stitch with her as she tries to find a new job. The MovieLilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a GlitchLeroy & Stitch Later that day, Nani is visited by Moses, Lilo's hula instructor, who reports a recent altercation between the latter and Mertle Edmonds. Nani is one of the strongest Disney characters in existence. She declares in confusion. Other: Pudge | Jimmy the Cockroach | Various Aliens | Uburnium | Tantalog language. Many people often mistake Nani as Lilo's mother. Lilo and Stitch We have a dog door! Television series Go to your room!" Tokyo Disneyland • Wonderful World of Animation Nani is then approached by David, who makes an attempt to strike date with the former, only to face rejection due to Nani's hectic schedule. • Mickey's New Year's Eve Parade • Move It! Stitch! Background information Lilo And Stitch with Nani Coloring Pages (Image Info: Resolution 607px*850px, File Type: JPEG, Size: 66k.) Unfortunately her eccentricity is the main reason the other children treat her with disdain.Over the course of her growth other kids start to treat her as a real human being seeing how she has matured both mentally and physically. To everyone, it appears that Stitch had tried to drown Lilo. LILO & STITCH opens on a far-away planet with all kinds of monstrous-looking creatures. Personality He… Nani Pelekai She cares deeply for Lilo and fears losing her to social workers like Cobra Bubbl… Lilo & Stitch Characters: Mertle Edmonds | Elena | Teresa | Yuki | Moses Puloki | Mrs. Hasagawa | Mr. and Mrs. Pelekai | Susan Hegarty | Ice Cream Man | Mr. Wong | Mrs. Edmonds | Aunt Stacy | Officer Kahiko | Luki | Keoni Jameson | Mr. Jameson | Victoria | Mrs. Pleakley | Pixley Pleakley | Bertley Pleakley | Charles and Mary | Mitzi Suzuki and Kato Stewart | Merwin and Dean | Ellen and Lona | Zach Mackillin | Ringmaster | Mayor Anolo | Nicolé | Dr. Gladys Okra | Sara | Mr. Cooper | Chaps, Manny and Sperk | Mortlegax C’est devenu un classique Disney. Feisty, brave, devoted, caring, loving, crafty, hard-working, sarcastic, stressed at times, short-tempered, a bit irritable, motherly, kind, mature, sensitive, clever, smart, stern, protective, friendly Media. Nani looks around in confusion. She is very mature and wise for someone her age and the voice of reason, possibly as a result of losing her parents, having to grow up and be independent at such a young age, as she is shown to teach Lilo important life lessons, such as taking responsibility for her actions, not making fun of people based on their appearances, and having friends like you for who you are, not your appearances. Kevin McDonald, 59 Pleakley. While Stitch uses Lilo to … A broom Stitch! Six-year-old Hawaiian girl, Lilo, who was raised by her older sister, Nani, after their parents died in a car crash, adopts a new “dog” that she calls Stitch. 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Appearance Despite their sometimes rocky relationship, Nani and Lilo care deeply for each other, and this strong bond is shown continuously throughout the film. Lilo and Stitch Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in ParadiseLilo & Stitch 2: Hämsterviel HavocDisney Infinity series (townsperson)Disney Magic KingdomsDisney Crossy Road 3:34. Gender In her debut in Lilo & Stitch, Nani wears an orange top with a pink heart on it, blue jean shorts, and tan boots with white socks, Later, when she went to find a job, she wore a blue top with khaki jeans and brown open-toed sandals. She first appeared in Lilo & Stitch, and has been voiced by Tia Carrere in most of her appearances. Nani later appears at the end, where she joins David, Lilo, Jumba, Pleakley, Stitch, Mertle, and all the experiments in taking a group, family picture. https://liloandstitch.fandom.com/wiki/Nani_Pelekai?oldid=180751, If this truly is indeed the case, then that would make their connection to the song ", Many people often mistake Nani as Lilo's mother; in fact, there was a deleted scene in. Throughout the film, she can be seen wearing a number of outfits, though her most prominent (in the film) tends to be a pinkish beige short-sleeved belly shirt with a heart designed onto it, blue jean shorts, white socks, brown hiking boots, blue (sometimes brown or dark yellow) sandals (on her occasion). Voice They survive, but Cobra witnesses this event and tells Nani that, although she means well, Lilo has to be taken away unless Nani finds another job. However, she never stays far from her passion as she used to work renting surfboards at the Rental Hut. lilo and stitch. *succube44#zet-man* loki#laufeyson 58,264 views. She frequently has to cope with and clean up after the various crises which involve Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley (who often tries to help around the house, with mixed results). Nani orders Lilo to stay at home while she goes to apply. Lilo's spirited and highly-eccentric personality, especially in light of her parents' death, has alienated her from her fellow children (whom she oddly still considers to be her friends, despite them mistreating her and openly admitting that they hate her and don't want her around), yet Lilo makes the perfect best friend for Stitch, an alien experiment whom she adopts, believing he is a \"dog\" (although he actually bears more of a resemblance to a … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. David Kawena, personnage dans “Lilo & Stitch”. Lilo said heading to the kitchen "Hey!" Video games ""Go to your room! 492 Favourites. Shake It! When Mrs. Pelekai was younger, she is shown to bear a strong resemblance to her younger daughter Lilo. Lilo and Stitch Spring:Disney's Easter Wonderland • Disney's Spring Promenade • Fashionable Easter 12K Views. Home When Lilo is kidnapped by Gantu, Nani accompanies Stitch, who has revealed his alien origins, in Lilo's rescue. Alignment Jumba at one point refers to her wrath scarier than his former partner Dr. Hämsterviel's. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Former luau waitress ( Lilo & Stitch) Surfboard rental shack clerk (sequel films, Lilo & Stitch: The Series) Nani Pelekai is Lilo Pelekai 's older sister and legal guardian. If Mrs. Pelekai won a May Day celebration at Lilo's age in 1973, she would likely have been born in 1966 or 1967 (depending on whether Lilo was six or seven in Lilo & Stitch 2). The Movie; Leroy & Stitch; TV Series. "ohana") that Lilo has left and vice versa. As a result of having to support herself and Lilo, she is often stressed and busy. "Lilo" Nani shouted and ran over and hugged her. Nani is struggling to keep a roof over their head while making sure 6-year-old Lilo isn’t put into the foster care system. Nonetheless, she is protective of her family, particularly Lilo, and will attack anyone and defend them from any threat. As a result of having to support herself and Lilo, she is often stressed and busy. The depicted characters are displayed as 18 years or older! Nani Stitch and Swapper "Stitch I Just fixed that refrigerator that's the third refrigerator door this month" Nani shouted." Park attractions As a result of their death, she decided to devote her time to taking care of Lilo which resulted in her having to put Lilo's future over her own, which includes giving up her chances of a huge surfing career for Lilo's sake, proving how devoted she is to Lilo, the one person she loves and cares for more than everything else in the world. The episode "Retro" features Nani's middle school friends, who mistakenly believe that she is the Vice President of the company she works for. Character information 2. Lilo & Stitch has a cute story, endearing characters, a sensational soundtrack of Elvis classics, and glorious hand-painted animation. Also in the series, Nani Pelekai doesn't even encounter Disney characters from other shows in the crossover episodes. When Nani thinks someone is doing something crazy (particularly Lilo), she refers to them as "lolo", which means "crazy" or "stupid" in Hawaiian. Le film a fait l'objet d'une suite, sortie directement en vidéo en 2005, Lilo et Stitch 2 : Hawaï, nous avons un problème!, ainsi que d'une série télévisée, Lilo et Stitch, la série (2003-2006), dont Stitch ! That doesn't stop her from being her true self with Stitch and Nani. Stitch is running through the forest with a panicked expression. She is the older sister and legal guardian of Lilo since her parents' death. She is present when Lilo sees the aliens off, and comforts her younger sister as they fly off into space. They learn the timely lesson that a family can be something you're born into--or something you assemble. Powers and abilities DisneyTFFans. Over the course of the following days, preparation for the competition, as well as odd behavior with Stitch's programming (said to be a malfunction by Jumba that, if not rectified, will result in Stitch losing his life) begin to cause a rift in the relationship between Lilo and Stitch. She is renowned among her household for her bad cooking. Nani's the older sister of Lilo Pelekai, and after Nani and Lilo's parents were unexpectedly killed in a car accident one night during a rain storm, Nani, as Lilo's closest living relative anddue to being a legal adult, was appointed as her legal guardian. Nani and Lilo. Lilo Nani Age Swap. While Nani, Lilo, and Stitch ride a huge wave, Jumba makes one final effort to capture Stitch from underwater, causing Stitch to unintentionally pull Lilo underwater. She is also noted for being a terrible cook, yet excels greatly in mathematics and chemistry. No, she’s not Mr. General information Female Lilo & Stitch Popularity Movie #447. Bad luckDisobedienceLosing LiloLosing employmentYelling at LiloJumba's inventionsLilo and Stitch's shenanigans Adult Lilo with her daughter, Ani, meeting Stitch. That night, Nani comes up to Lilo's room to apologize. In the movie, Nani is said to be eighteen and Lilo is said to be six, making them at least eleven years apart in age.As a result of having to support herself and Lilo, she is often stressed and busy. In Lilo and stitch 1, in the show, and in Lilo and stitch the movie he doesn't have an age. Photo of Nani and Lilo for fans of Lilo & Stitch. • Max LIVE: Gettin’ Goofy With It • Mickey and the Magical Map • One Man's Dream II: The Magic Lives On • Mickey presents: "Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris" • Stitch's Supersonic Celebration • The Golden Mickeys Surfboard rental clerk While Stitch uses Lilo to … The techniques you use in this drawing is just superb. David is a great surfer. Nani wakes up, bald, in a lake. Lilo & Stitch: The SeriesStitch! Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley turn down their awards at first to stay on Earth, so as not to break Lilo's heart. Zoe Caldwell (1933-2020) Grand Councilwoman. Lilo et Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) est le 76 e long-métrage d'animation et le 42 e « Classique d'animation » des studios Disney, sorti en 2002.. | PPW Dez' 18 . Ani Pelekai is Lilo Pelekai's daughter and Nani's niece seen in Stitch! Register Start a Wiki. Through her sister and the loss of their folks, Nani is shown to have a motherly side, and often makes decisions based on Lilo's best interest, alone. In Lilo and stitch 1, in the show, and in Lilo and stitch the movie he doesn't have an age. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. This is based on the famous surfing scene in the original movie where she is able to surf professionally on big and small waves, even with Lilo and Stitch on her board, she doesn't fall. Surfing, Lilo, pizza, hula, chocolate, David, Stitch Bubbles arrives and the two have a brief argument over Lilo's well-being. 5. Lilo: We lost Stitch! Experiments: Sparky • Reuben • Jam • Digger • Mary • Huggo • Slimy • Richter • Phantasmo • Clip • Mr. Stenchy • Spooky • Holio • Cannonball • Gigi • Yin • Yang • Kixx • Splodyhead • Amnesio • Swirly • Fibber • Tank • Sprout • Elastico • Yaarp • 627 • Deforestator • Zap • Topper • Melty • Houdini • Fudgy • Sinker • Nosy • Finder • Slushy • Dupe • Heat • Thresher • Plasmoid • Hammerface • Shortstuff • Angel • Felix • Poxy • Hunkahunka • Sample • Babyfier • Bonnie • Clyde • Slugger • Drowsy • Spike • Squeak • Frenchfry • Swapper • Shoe • Backhoe • Poki • Slick • Skip • Clink • Checkers • PJ • Ploot • Snooty • Retro • Belle • Morpholomew • Spats • Heckler • Wishy-Washy • Phoon • Bugby • Shush • Lax • Remmy • Doubledip • Gotchu • Forehead • Hocker • Zawp • Mulch • Shredder • Pix • Boomer • Manners • Woody • Wrapper • Blowhard • Derrick • Ace • Glitch • Woops • Snafu • Nosox • Stamen • Tickle-Tummy • Link • Leroy • Cloudy • Stopgo • Splat • Sproing • Kernel • Carmen • Chopsuey • Cyber • Shrink • Bragg • Mrs. Sickly • Pop • Dorkifier • Wormhole • Toons • Hertz Donut • Welco • Lorider • Witch • Sproutling • Skunkuna • Dark End Lilo et Stitch est un film d’animation de 2002, les dix premières minutes sont dignes d’un vrai film de science-fiction. Films This Lilo & Stitch تصویر contains ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک. She loves Lilo devotedly, but does not always understand her. Lilo and Stitch must race to capture all the released experiments before Gentu can retrieve them. Her worst fear is noted to be losing Lilo to social workers like Cobra Bubbles, whom she at first disliked but, after the events of the first film, comes to trust and respect him. Enemies David Ogden Stiers (1942-2018) Jumba. ", ライバルがくっついた!) is the seventh episode of Stitch!-The Mischievous Alien's Great Adventure. Mr. Films. They also come to discover the secret to dissolving the bind created by Link, which they use to help Lilo and Mertle. Experiment 624 was the 624th genetic experiment created by Jumba with Hämsterviel's funding. When Dr. Hämsterviel captures Jumba and demands a ransom of Jumba's first 625 experiments, Nani contacts Mr.